My podcast interview with Dr Sebrina Segal of NEI GLOBAL aired on April 1st & April 3rd! “Treating Mental Health Using Telepsychiatry with Michele Novella, APRN-BC”

It was an honor to be invited to interview with Dr Segal of NEI… it was also a bit anxiety-provoking, given the impact that my contents might have on my peers, as we all navigate this highly unchartered territory to simply take our cherished patients from one day/week/month to the next, as safely and seamlessly as possible during the past month’s COVID 19 Pandemic.

My hope is that this life’s chapter come to a great big finish as soon as possible… we are ALL IN THIS AS EQUALS…. all vulnerable humans.

I have a secret vision that our future post-COVid world may even look a bit kinder than before; a bit gentler than before; and maybe even a bit more slow-moving than before.

Why more slowly? So that maybe we can take each other in… acknowledge the sameness in us all & breathe deeply before we move on in gratitude for all the lessons we KNOW we will encounter again going forward… always appreciative for what we learned from this somewhat long & uncomfortable lesson.

Listen here to the NEI podcast with Dr Segal – Part 1 and Part 2 on Apple Podcasts.