My podcast interview with Dr Sebrina Segal of NEI GLOBAL aired on April 1st & April 3rd! “Treating Mental Health Using Telepsychiatry with Michele Novella, APRN-BC”

It was an honor to be invited to interview with Dr Segal of NEI… it was also a bit anxiety-provoking, given the impact that my contents might have on my peers, as we all navigate this highly unchartered territory to simply take our cherished patients from one day/week/month to the next, as safely and seamlessly as possible during the past month’s COVID 19 Pandemic.

My hope is that this life’s chapter come to a great big finish as soon as possible… we are ALL IN THIS AS EQUALS…. all vulnerable humans.

I have a secret vision that our future post-COVid world may even look a bit kinder than before; a bit gentler than before; and maybe even a bit more slow-moving than before.

Why more slowly? So that maybe we can take each other in… acknowledge the sameness in us all & breathe deeply before we move on in gratitude for all the lessons we KNOW we will encounter again going forward… always appreciative for what we learned from this somewhat long & uncomfortable lesson.

Listen here to the NEI podcast with Dr Segal – Part 1 and Part 2 on Apple Podcasts.

My Time at the NEI FACULTY Training

This past weekend I attended the Neuroscience Education Institute‘s New Faculty Member Training in San Diego, CA. Myself and approximately 3 other Psychiatric APRN’s from across the country were the first-ever non-physician providers invited to sit on this prestigious faculty board.

Michele Novella, APRN, with Dr Stephen Stahl

The NEI was founded by Stephen Stahl, MD, & Steve Smith, current CEO, over two decades ago. Their twice yearly conferences educate providers from all over the world in the latest treatments for several realms of mental health illness; the latest neuropsychopharmacology research, and several other cutting edge science-based research relevant to psychiatric practitioners.

The NEI has recognized that the growing trend of nurse practitioners across the country providing care to psychiatric patients is one that they could no longer ignore, & chose to invest their time and resources in.

The program put forth by Rick Davis to teach providers how to significantly improve their speaking techniques was first rate and unique to the field. 

ADHD : Links & Resources

For those of you diagnosed with or close to someone with ADHD ( Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ) we @ Star Psychiatric Health highly recommend visiting for more information regarding this disorder.

We have added links on our Patient Resources page for any of you seeking more information. For additional overview of ADHD, with information on symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, research, and further resources you can also visit the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

Thank you,
Michele Novella, PMHNP-BC / PMHCNS-BC
Medical Director of Star Psychiatric Healthcare